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Within one year of their launch in 2004 Double-H became the standard by which all brake pads for streetbikes were judged because of their long lasting and powerful brake effect.

Being made in our USA Sintering plant and available for 95% of all makes and models Double – H are great value for money being half the price of our Flagship range the Extreme Pro sintered pads

Double-H pads claimed their name from the industry standard gauge for measuring friction levels on brake pads. The grades of brake pads available is an interesting topic. They range from E,F,G through to H rating, each grade being a 20% step up in friction delivery. A pad only generating an E friction grade would be totally unsuitable for use on any Motorcycle, most of which now use G or H graded brake pads.

EBC Double-H claim the highest H title in two ways, hence the expression Double H as they are H rated cold…….and H rated when hot. This means no brake fade.

These ratings come from the US FMVSS safety standards group and to test for output friction you have to submit product to them for grading. This testing group is now know as AMECA.

So not only do EBC Double-H pads last well and brake well, they do not fade.

Most Double-H pads are fitted (according to system parameters) with stainless steel radiator plates which are helpful in reducing the heat transition into the caliper and hydraulics. It is important not to confuse such perforated radiator plates with standard NON perforated plates often found on original brake pads because the two items do not work in the same way.

Remembering your physics classes, heat only travels by one of three ways, conduction, convection and radiation. In layman’s terms we explain as follows .As the temperatures involved to do not get that high there is no “radiation” such as with a glowing red hot brake so that method of heat transfer can be ignored. There are however conduction (air movement or drafting) elements involved in a Motorcycle brake in the open air but unless we sell air ducts we won’t be helping cool things there. Where we CAN help therefore is by reducing the third energy transfer method CONDUCTION which is heat transfer through physical contact. Again back to the physics class, conduction is directly proportional to surface area therefore by reducing the surface area in contact by half, you halve the heat transfer. Hence the EBC reason for perforated radiator plates rather than just plain steel plates by EBC brakes. (Perhaps we should have called them “anti conductor” plates but that doesn’t sound right).

When considering which Double-H pads to apply radiator (anti conductor) plates to we look at the bikes system set up. Some calipers have phenolic pistons and therefore keep a lot cooler and in some systems there simply isn’t room with throwing away pad material. Then some bikes have LESS fluid volume in the caliper or simply don’t go that fast. We have a lot of customers who wants Double-H pads for their cruisers because or their stopping power at cruising speeds and their fantastic wear life and high heat race capabilities are not a desire. That explains why some EBC Double-H pads have radiator plates and some don’t.

SAFETY AND INSTALLATION INFORMATION Brakes are a safety critical part of your Motorcycle. Installation of EBC Brakes should be performed by a professional mechanic. If you are not skilled in this work, please have a dealer undertake this work for you. If you ARE qualified and wish to install EBC Brake products yourself please consider purchasing the EBC Brake installation DVD in support of information given in your vehicle manufacturers handbook.




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