Tony's America - Black Knight

We have just finished this build in house - we have dubbed it "Black Knight" - the front fender, tank and rear guard have been resprayed in Satin Black, the rear guard was shortened to give the bike a more aggressive stance and a TPP LED tail light was installed to get rid of the ugly stock job. All the parts used are available through us!


  • 904 Big Bore Kit
  • 270 degree Performance Cams
  • Belt Drive Kit
  • Front brake disc upgrade kit with Brembo 4 Pot Caliper
  • Oxford Heated Grips
  • 7" LED Headlight
  • Custom LED Tail Light
  • Upper Fork Covers
  • Steelmate Motorcycle Alarm
  • Premium Mini Boards
  • Idiot Light Conversion Kit
  • 4 1/2" LED Driving Lights


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My black knight

By: on 30 March 2019
Found these guys on the internet as I assume most people have these days Took my bike down to have some minor custom work performed Was that impressed by the crew the bike has gone back on a few occasions to have more and more custom work done The guys take the time and effort to explore what work suits your personality style and riding style Work carried out is exceptional, to the point I will only get my bike worked on here Bear in mind its a 500 KM round trip to get there and back. We stay at one of the local accommodation places and hit the local shops etc Not the cheapest place for work, however you get what you pay for, cheap price results in crappy work !!!. Quality work has to be paid for If you want cheap go to Peter Stevens, when the bike goes faulty going bring it to Triumph Performance and get it worked on correctly Recently got taken out by a driver doing a U-turn, guess where I insisted the insurance company take the bike to insure the black knight continues to ride Tony

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